Active signal cable by Pavel Macura


AudioBuffer with supply Inside
Signal part of Buffer
Detail of electronic

More detailed information you can find on author´s pages . My listening experiences.
I got the feeling that contribution of the Buffer is more apparent with cheap low end components. And this does not speak against the Buffer ! I made experiments with different op amps. OPA134 ( it seemed to me to be the worst having too sharp heights and loss of space), OPA 627 (generally more quiet sound). OPA 602 seemed to be the best. It has the most natural midrange, very good space and not tiring sound. I tried AD 825 too. It impress by very broad sound stage and space. On the other hand it seems to have slight excess of upper frequencies. Differences between op amps are not very big. Maybe they depend on one´s taste and used components. You have to check it.

Reduction of SOIC (AD825) to DIP8 package
Use ordinary DIP8 socket. By knife and file sligtly enlarge opening for op amp in the center of the socket. Put the op amp in and solder it to pins. It takes 10-15 min.

AD825 in DIP8 socket Detail of pins

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